140723 - first win with ‘solo day’! ♥

My babies won !!!! Congratz B1A4, you deserve it <3

HyunA for CeCi Magazine Summer Shoot 14’

chunji practicing for his musical debut


i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass 

MAMA (more like 'i hate you kai, i'm gonna sing your group's song and make fun of your parts' song)
Taeman (lol wat?) (ft. rapperBlingBling & VocalBum)
I Thought Our Friendship Was True, u bitch. - by Lee Taemin
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  • Taemin singing a messed up version of MAMA as a revenge because Kai didn’t win he did it on propose. dat bitch lol the Speed Quiz of Friendship.

supposed MAMA fanchant by Lee Taemin :

Kim Jongin

Park Chanyeol

Kim Joomyeon

Oh Sehun



Luhan (da fuck Tae’, Luhan’s in M. are u on drugs lmao)

Oppa saranghaeyo~ (seems like he forgot about Soo and Baek lol)


JinChan ft. gongchan’s dorkiness.

a cute jinyoung

Jinyoung being 3 in 1 (cute,sexy,dumb)

Gently I watch over him 

an angel perhaps

Something more

nothing less.....
 140720 Inkigayo - SOLO DAY 
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